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The gift of design is something that has been brewing in me for many years. It’s very natural to me so I’m not ever burdened with determining a theme or design. It seems to just happen, event after event.


I take pride in my work and my goal is to always deliver an experience & product that will not ever be forgotten. I’m constantly in learning mode and always

trying to advance my skills.


This is an art that I enjoy more than

anyone can imagine. 

Each custom experience is rich in meaningful detail

Behind the scenes is a team of dedicated and engaged professionals that coordinate each event and

experience with obsessive attention to detail to pull off smooth and impactful memories that last a lifetime.

EJ Jackson


Marc Wilson - Coordinator.JPG

Marc Wilson


Jackie Pickett - Floral Team.jpg

Jackie PIckett

Floral Design

Chance Huff

Event Architect

Anthony Choice

Logistics Manager

Channin Petit

Production Manager

Sonia Lyles


Karen NeSmith - Floral Team_edited.jpg

Karen NeSmith

Floral Design


Jennifer Jones

Floral Design

Kiera Jordan

Venue Manager

Yvette Spenser

Project Manager

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