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The gift of design is something that has been brewing in me for many years. It’s very natural to me so I’m not ever burdened with determining a theme or design. It seems to just happen, event after event.


I take pride in my work and my goal is to always deliver an experience & product that will not ever be forgotten. I’m constantly in learning mode and always

trying to advance my skills.


This is an art that I enjoy more than

anyone can imagine. 

Each custom experience is rich in meaningful detail

Behind the scenes is a team of dedicated and engaged professionals that coordinate each event and

experience with obsessive attention to detail to pull off smooth and impactful memories that last a lifetime.

EJ Jackson


Marc Wilson - Coordinator.JPG

Marc Wilson


Jackie Pickett - Floral Team.jpg

Jackie PIckett

Floral Team

Chance Huff

Event Architect

Anthony Choice

Logistics Manager

Channin Petit

Production Manager

Sonia Lyles


Kymia Haywood


Karen NeSmith

Floral Team

Carmen Buckner

Lead Florist

Kiera Jordan

Venue Manager

Yvette Spenser

Project Manager

Dedrick Telfort

Prop Master

Jennifer Jones

Floral Team

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