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The 6 types of relationships every ambitious woman needs to live a more abundant life in 2022.

One thing is for sure: The game of life has taught me many things.

  • Allow what flows to flow naturally

  • Allow what will crash to do so without guilt or regret

  • Fill the spaces in life only with those who deserve to be there

I'm not forcing anything for the first time in my life, and I cherish relationships more than ever —I love my people!

But every friendship requires its own personality. Each friend is just as important as another because they represent a world in us - one not born until they arrived. Meeting them changes everything forever.

All friendships are necessary and equally good for us. Even when things don't go as planned, it's nice knowing someone still has your back! Some friendships want to party all night. While others want nothing more than to grab a mid-day happy hour session at yall's favorite little spot before heading home to be a super mom, wife, sister, etc. again.

The top six types of friends every woman walking into her new level of abundance needs this year.

#1: The Opposite One

Opposites attract.

Some of the most entertaining relationships I've ever had were with friends who challenged my thoughts and made me think more deeply about things. Satin or cotton? Let's argue. Beyonce or RiRi? Let's argue. Politics? Let's go, baby—we're ready to settle this thing once and for all.

It doesn't stop at tiny little debates. Sometimes, it goes deep into core beliefs. Even when you disagree, you can still benefit from different viewpoints.

And if all else fails, these friends are fantastic at introducing you to cool things outside of your comfort zone, which means you will never be bored.

#2: The "Should be a therapist" One

One who listens to every detail of a meltdown while empathizing with the challenges you face.

Listening to my breakdowns without criticizing me and offering encouraging words of hope is all I sometimes need to get my life back together.

This friend will always find the right soul -releasing TD Jakes sermon or a ratchet meme to lift your spirits when they see you going through something rough. A true blessing during life's most vulnerable moments.

#3: The Lifestyle One

Gym buddy? Painting pals? Your go-to travel companion?

These are called lifestyle friends!

You live the same life they do. Whether shopping for clothes at your favorite chic boutique or binge-watching Netflix all night, it will always feel like yesterday, no matter how much time has passed since the last time. Having someone there who can understand what you're going through without having to say anything is priceless.

#4: The "Tell-it-like-it- is" One

You may have that friend who speaks bluntly about everything and never holds back her thoughts. Keep this one around. This person can sometimes be a little too honest or mean, but this is what we love about them in the first place.

They're such important members of your close circle. Because they'll always give you a different point of view from others - helping us see things differently every time. Though their delivery style may take some getting used to - it's comforting to know I have a go-to for truthful and unbiased information.

#5: The YOLO One

She ain't stressing about nothing.

The friend for chilling and vibes only days - wearing nothing but sweatpants and hair, looking a fabulous mess! No bra required.

Every day with her is an adventure.

She is around when it's just time to relax and hang out. Possibly one of your roommates, a life-long friend, or even your sister. Someone you like spending time with because it lets you forget about everything going on outside of those four walls.

You don't care what other people think when this person is around because it creates a space free from judgment that allows each person to be themselves.

#6: The Dependable One

If you had a murder to cover up, this is the person who'd help you do that—no questions asked. You likely have them on speed dial because you know that if anything happens, they would be the one human you can call right away. They are always willing to lend a hand (driving me to my appointment or helping me move), and I am grateful for their presence when life throws curveballs at me. This friend has been there through everything and knows all my secrets but won't tell anyone - no matter what! Please make sure these types of friends know how much they mean to us by saying thank you often.

Someone once said that life is not measured by the number of breaths, we take but by the moments that take our breath away. Let's do life, and let's do it right!

Please share this article with a friend and let them know which friend they are to you!

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