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The 4 mistakes that stopped you from reaching your goal and what to do next.

So many talented women want more. They want to earn more money, start their own business, get married, have a family, travel.

But how, when life is so full already?

Mistake #1: Thinking everything will be easy.

Building a business takes time.

So many people are ready to be the boss and look like the boss, take polished photoshoot pictures with the branded looks, and all the things that show I've arrived.

That's ok.

But if they are honest, they'd also say, "My business isn't ready for that step yet, because I'm still learning."

TD Jakes says, "Excellence in obscurity is better than mediocrity in the spotlight." My biggest fear has always been being mediocre in the spotlight.

Some years ago, you wouldn't have been able to read this or anything like this from me. I didn't have the time.

I was busy building my event design business.

Today I have a team and systems in place. We can blog, vlog, do photoshoots, and create behind-the-scenes content---- the "in-the-limelight" stuff.

But I didn't start here. I've won, and I've lost time and time again, both in public and private.

Rushing your goals and dreams is as bad as not pursuing them. Anything given too soon will not seem like a blessing.

There have been and still are things I've wanted to do. I'd try and sometimes fail. But I never beat myself up when it didn't work because I knew it wasn't the right season to execute.

It's always operations before aesthetics and clients before photoshoots for me.

The only validation I need is seeing the bride's face gleam with pure joy and amazement after a night of my blood, sweat, and tears preparing for her wedding day.

This is the first year I've been able to arrive at a venue day-of-but I took years of hard work to get here.

Mistake #2: Thinking God has left you when things don't go as planned

He didn't bring you this far to leave you.

God creates circumstances that require us to step out of our comfort zones. He creates these moments so that we can grow and, above all, learn to trust in him through them. Although uncomfortable, these precise moments of trial unfold our identity.

Our trust in God does not evolve in the realm of comfort. It's in uncertainty- when our only choice is to rely on him.

Have faith that whatever season in life you are in is where you are supposed to be. Every season serves a purpose—some for planting, some for growing, and some for reaping the harvest.

Do not be discouraged during turbulent times. Instead, be courageous and patient enough to wait and then embrace the victory upon you.

Mistake #3: Being your biggest critic.

Yes, you're driven and hardworking. But how many times each day do you say to yourself or out loud:

  • People like to work with (Company X.Y.Z.) because she's (prettier, younger, thinner, etc.)?

  • This is how I've always done it?

  • I don't have time to learn anything new?

  • I'll get started on Monday?

Everyone around you can treat you like the queen of England or think you are the best thing since sliced bread. Still, it'll never work if you don't honor and treat yourself with T.L.C. You know all about my signature self-care day, pajamas Mondays, if you've been reading along every week. Click here to read about Pajama Mondays.

For ten years, I've been the owner of Prelude Events Studio and my newest entity, Unparalleled Events, for a little over a year. People have given me "The G.O.A.T." accolades, but it has only been until now that I started to believe and feel like I deserve all of what I have.

The only thing that has changed is my mentality about myself.

People don't see all the work we do at my companies. Social media only sees a fraction of it.

The corporate job that I walked away from taught me a lot of what I know about production and execution. I worked as facility director for 12 years, responsible for a 4.3-million-dollar budget.

Once, I moved my staff, kids, and parents into a new daycare center overnight. Yep! The parents picked the kids up from one center one day, and the very next day, our friendly staff greeted them as they walked through the doors of our brand spanking new facility. There was zero downtime.

Years later, Team Prelude executed three weddings simultaneously in 3 different cities (2 states). And I was able to attend all three events.

In both experiences, transitioning into a new facility and the 3 in 1 wedding day were products of my ability to plan and execute.

Whew! That took a lot to say. Giving myself props was never my strong suit. Before, I'd say, "I was only doing my job." But now, I allow myself to humblebrag or "pop ya collar."

When you are in the top tier of an area, don't be the only person on your team not celebrating you.

Mistake #4: Magnifying your mistakes

Strengthen your strengths.

Success doesn't come from being better than other people; it comes from being better than you were yesterday.

As an entrepreneur or any leader, it may be tempting (especially when times are tough) to think that your struggles in business or life mean there is something wrong with your strategy or efforts.

This year is the time to re-start, re-strategize, partner, and do whatever it takes to increase your capacity to allow room in your life for more of what you want.

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